Our Offer

Joining SaGe

(Aspects of this offer may be open to negotiation depending on the status of the joining school)

We offer:

  • outstanding academies that have a track record of sustained excellence
  • a commitment to meeting the needs of all pupils
  • a history of developing staff and providing an excellent foundation for developing new teachers
  • a robust due diligence process designed to ensure that each partner is right for each other
  • an ethos that embraces and celebrates diversity within the academy community
  • a partnership that will embrace and celebrate schools representing all backgrounds
  • a partnership based on supported autonomy where members are free to develop their own curriculum
  • a governance structure where OUTSTANDING and GOOD schools will have their own local governance arrangements and full delegation as identified in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation
  • a governance structure where RI/Ofsted category schools will be supported to take ownership of their own governance arrangements when appropriate
  • a partnership fee will provide a range of support services to the school, including access to a corporate suite of policies, access to the CEO and COO, and SIMS, HR, H&S and Governance support
  • an opportunity for staff to work across all the academies in the Trust and engage in supporting the development of all staff.




Interested in Joining our MAT?



Please contact the SaGe Multi-Academy Trust for more information.