The Modern Foreign Languages Department consists of eight specialist teachers. We want our students to have a positive language learning experience and use a wide range of activities to engage and motivate students. We regard language learning as far more than a classroom subject. Being able to understand and use a foreign language is a vital skill that can broaden students’ horizons and enhance future employment prospects.


Keystage 3
In Year 7 all students study French building on their language learning in primary school. The four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing have equal importance and grammar is an integral part of the course in order to develop understanding and encourage students to use the language for real communication purposes and to express their own ideas and opinions. Most students in Year 8 have the opportunity to study German as a second foreign language. In Year 9 students are put into pathways and will continue to study both languages or their chosen language.

Keystage 4
AQA GCSE French or German – The GCSE course builds on the skills developed in Keystage 3. All skill areas are assessed at the end of Year 11 in 4 terminal exams. The GCSE topics which include leisure, tourism, health and fitness and the world of work allow students to learn very practical language skills that are highly regarded by both universities and employers.

Sixth Form
AQA A Level French, German or Spanish – During the A level course students can further develop the skills acquired at GCSE and a range of cultural and social topics (for example: family and relationships, use of the internet and digitalisation of society and music) allow students to develop a deeper cultural understanding of life in France / Germany / Spain as well as complementing courses in a variety of other subjects. Students also have the opportunity to study a film and a literary work in depth as well as developing a deeper understanding of political issues such as immigration, crime and poverty in relation to France / Germany / Spain.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Year 7 – Summer term visit to Paris
  • Year 8 – Catholic Partnership Celebration of European Day of Languages and ‘Languages for Lads’ event
  • Years 8 & 9 – December visit to Christmas markets in Cologne and Aachen
  • Year 9 – MFL Bake-Off, Catholic Partnership Eurovision Song Contest, Beat the Rat Race Routes into Languages event.
  • Years 10 & 11 – After School support GCSE clubs for French and German
  • Year 12 & 13 – University taster days, visits to Tyneside cinema, visit to Berlin in February 2017