The Business and Enterprise department prides itself on offering relevant, interesting and up-to-date courses that can provide students with pathways into a number of different careers and post-18 choices.

Monday Nights are Drop-in Nights

Any student studying Business can drop into S10 after school until 4.30pm, where Mrs Hughes can help with any issues you have regarding the course, its content, or a specific piece of work…always here to help.

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Keystage 4

GCSE Business Studies – A broad based business course covering marketing and enterprise, people and business and production, finance and the external environment. The course is assessed through two examinations and one controlled assessment. Exams take the form of one 60 minute examination that comprises of short and longer answer questions; the other is based on a pre-released case study on one specific business and the issues it faces. Controlled Assessment work is completed at the beginning of Year 11 on the marketing of a new business start up.

Business and Communication Systems – This is a more practical GCSE that considers the working environment alongside the applications of ICT used in businesses. The course is assessed by one written exam comprising of short and longer answer questions, a practical examination on computers and controlled assessment work on the communication systems of a local business. All assessment takes place in Year 11.

Keystage 5

A Level Business Studies – A Level Business Studies looks at the fast paced world of business and enterprise. The course looks at how owners, managers and employees can deal with the challenges of the changing business environment through a number of key areas including finance, marketing, operations, human resources and enterprise. The course is assessed via four examinations; 2 at AS Level and 2 at A2 Level.

A Level Applied Business – This is a practical course which looks at the individual functions of a business as well as considering setting up a business of your own. The course deals with the specific areas of marketing, business start up, people in business, business finance and motivation. Assessment takes place via 80% coursework and controlled assessment, with 20% examination, equating to 1 unit in the course being examined.